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Eseu motivational

Mesajde Ali » Mar Mai 13, 2008 7:46 pm

Pentru cei care vor sa aplice pentru tabara de IHL din Polonia sponsorizata de ICRC v-am promis ca o sa va trimit eseul motivational facut de echipa noastra pentru Pictet poate il veti folosi drept exemplu. Le voila:

"We find ourselves in the process of crafting a world. Each of us has its straightforward mission. Standing all together, how could we ever doubt achievement?"
Avowed 77 years ago, these words maintain tangible. It is this reality that also assimilates devastating wars, thus making more unmistakable the need of disseminates IHL rules, as rules governing the war process and the protection of distressed persons.
What brought us together was our participation at the humanitarian law courses at the ,,Nicolae Titulescu” University, a renowned University in Romania, named after a famous Romanian diplomat former president of the League of Nations. Because of our growing interest for IHL, our professor invited us to some meetings held at the Humanitarian Law Study Center at the University, the place where our journey in IHL begun.
Driven by our interest in IHL last year we went to Friedrich Born Competition and we lived the story of Alice in Wonderland. Once we have bitten from the mushroom of knowledge we found ourselves so small in the big world of those persons who have an important word to say in the domain of IHL. It wasn’t the rabbit or the caterpillar that showed us how it is to live in a world where you are not overwhelmed petty worries, but some of the world renowned professors that opened our eyes on the problems that the people who live in a conflict zone have. After a week of adventures in which we shared with other students a beautiful story about self-knowledge, and reevaluating the values one has in life, just like Alice we placed in our pockets the cards that contained all the wonderful characters that we had met, and woke up from the dream the competition meant to us.
After such an experience every one of us tried to explore deeper into the essence of IHL, and together we decided participate to the Jean Pictet Competition. We placed our perspectives and ideas regarding the questions in the application form, into an e-mail and sent it together with the hope that we will succeed, but unfortunately we didn’t.
Although we have heard before the saying “every failure is a boost for better” we never really understood what was the hidden meaning behind this quote, until we received the mail through which we were announced that we did not qualify for the Jean Pictet Competition. The disappointment and the sadness that we felt were shaded by the growing ambition to succeed this year.
In a year period we each achieved more than other students in four years of faculty. Ana Soare had performed an internship at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Bucharest, Alexandra Ologu won second prize at a moot court on asylum held in Budapest and organized by the Helsinky Committee, and Oana Grama earned her graduation diploma from the faculty of law and attended a master degree on International and Communitarian Law.
However in all this time we never stopped thinking about the possibility to participate in Jean Pictet Competition, and we tried to find out more information about the other editions of the moot court from the former participants.
Our desire to be a part of the magic of Jean Pictet can be explained by what the competition represents for us, which is a great opportunity to express ourselves, to improve our IHL knowledge for the future and also the best way to start an activity in this domain.
Even if we are all very different people, we try to act as a team, and accomplish our goals by filling in the gaps one for another, as we all excel at different things, and we have different skills.
We consider this contest a very exciting and eagerly anticipated event, which we hope, will enhance our communication abilities in foreign relationships. It is important for us to exercise our knowledge in IHL in a very dynamic and competitive environment among with other students from all around the world.
If this year the e-mail from the Jean Pictet organizers will bring good news, we think that everyone will be in a win-win situation. We will have the chance to taste once again from the flavor of a moot court, with all its participants, judges, simulations, and on the other hand the organizers and the other participants will be able to discover us as students which have an particular interest in IHL and as individuals whose will and desire to do something for the world could move the mountains.
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